Tuesday, 3 February 2009

"The wind just blew me from behind"

Seens as the entire day has been put on hold due to the good ol' white stuff, I thought I'd start my blog. I've been keeping regular updates of my brains workings over the last year on myspace, but thought maybe it would be more relevant to start a real blog.

This weekend at the convention was absolutely amazing. Meeting and catching up with so many fantastic people and artists. Despite not being able to get squeezed in, I'm more that 100% of who I want to do what in regaurds to my tattoo's. Shipleys leg piece is sweet so far can't wait to go to Essex with her to get it finished off. Trips to Leeds and Essex in the comming months will be fun filled.

(not my image)

I'm greatful for the snow today, allowing me to have a second day of recuperation and watch Dead Mans Shoes in bed whilst drawing. Next up, to Shipleys for 'The Kite Runner' then the gym, and then either more painting and reading or a trip to the cinema.

Maybe if we bake anything I'll come back and make note.

Brighton pictures will be up and around soon.


  1. Helloey! Oooh I see you've tagged 'red veg'


    Can't wait to get my ass to London again for more!

    We should get one in Wales... :)

  2. I know! It's amazing! although Beatroot in london is the best thing ever!

    Join my other blog this is an old one i forgot about and now icant find how to merge or delete it. haha it's under the same name on my profile. just with more recent updates.